The Eco Warriors have made it through a challenging 2020 with enthusiasm. Even though since March 2020 they must study at home, this has not dampened their passion for studying and preserving the environment. This can be seen from their activities such as planting trees, conducting experiments, and making educational videos. To keep their spirits up, they have also made gratitude piggy banks while studying at home. Towards the end of the year, they brought their gratitude piggy bank to a year-end reflection event held at BF’s Learning Center.

In addition to collecting gratitude piggy banks, the Eco Warriors were invited to look back on the things that have made them happy throughout 2020. They reflected on their hopes for 2021. In the sharing session, most of them hoped to learn again at school and meet their friends. They agreed to continue to build new hopes for a better future if these expectations were not met.

The agreement was made after the Eco Warriors planted coffee beans. This was  seen as a symbol that the Eco Warriors always dare to try new things. Even in the midst of their lives, they wondered if the plants could survive. Finally, they agreed that the coffee beans they planted were like hope. If a planted tree can’t grow, they can always plant new trees again. As for hope, there is always new hope that can be instilled in oneself because hope is a medicine for everything that happens in life.

Thank you, Eco Warriors for the enthusiasm to learn and grow with us at Begawan Foundation Learning Center. Thank you also to the parents who support the Eco Warriors to grow up to be the nation’s future hope. (Zeni Natalya)

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