Begawan Foundation has run a conservation program since 1999. For the past 22 years, the goal has been to preserve the Bali Starlings, and to increase our knowledge of the Bali Starling and its behaviour. Nurturing and caring for the birds is best carried out by people who are competent in their field. Our bird keeper, Kadek, has a strong affinity for birds and is ready to do whatever is needed to take care of them.

Every day, Kadek prepares a variety of food items for our Bali Starlings, such as bean sprouts, carrots, papaya, crickets, mealworms to meet their nutritional needs and ensure the health of our birds. He sometimes hand-feeds chicks that need more attention if the parents show aggressive behaviour towards their chicks.

Kadek feeds crickets to these young Bali Starlings by pinching the crickets between his index finger and thumb so that the shape of his fingers resembles a bird’s head. He moves his hand towards the chicks and when they see him they immediately perceive Kadek’s hand as that of their food provider.

Kadek also excels at monitoring the free flying birds, and at identifying other bird species in the Payangan area. The dedication of our bird keeper to the breeding of the Bali Starlings gives us confidence that our goal to see more free flying birds will be successful. (Masthika Anandam)

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