Amidst the whirlwind of modern life, children’s connection with the natural world is slipping through our fingers, and the consequences are profound. This detachment goes beyond just personal well-being; it’s affecting our environment and even increasing healthcare costs. Nature is a cornerstone of health, boosting physical fitness, mental well-being and cognitive abilities. Yet, the trappings of urban living and overprotective parenting often shield children from these invaluable benefits.

A Beacon of Change

Enter Begawan Learning Centre—a ray of hope and change. Our mission is clear, to bridge the growing gap between the younger generation and the wondrous natural world that surrounds us. Our Learning Centre doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk. We offer students a unique and hands-on opportunity to reintroduce nature into their lives. Our holistic approach to environmental education involves outdoor and semi-outdoor activities designed to forge genuine connections with the world outside. Field trips to places like forest bee farms, butterfly parks, hidden local woods, sea turtle conservation sites, mangrove sanctuaries and botanical gardens impart a profound understanding of how species and ecosystems are interdependent.

Growing in Bali gives students the opportunity to directly explore climbing plants on our permaculture farm

From Understanding to Action

But it doesn’t end with understanding; we believe in taking action. Our commitment to conservation goes beyond theory, with activities such as getting involved in regenerative farming and gardening practices, planting mangrove trees, releasing baby sea turtles, participating in village clean-ups, tending to water channels, cleaning beaches and caring for local temples. We empower our students, the local children, to be stewards of their environment, nurturing a sense of responsibility and pride in their surroundings, while fostering a lifelong commitment to sustainability.

Our students explored the Gotu Kola creeper, and transformed it into sustainable body lotions and face masks
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