Children at an early age tend to be curious about bodies – their own and other people’s. They are trying roles and may be mimicking adults as they play doctor, house, shoppers, and even pretend to be married. Recognizing this, Begawan Learning Centre seeks to guide the students to understand another person’s point of view and develop social skills.

In late January, KISARA (Kita Sayang Remaja) came to Begawan Learning Centre to give the Eco-Warriors a role-playing workshop. The goal was to improve students’ self-confidence and influence their behaviour in sexual health education, even at a young age.

The students were given roles,  situations and problems, such as those experienced by doctors, nurses, mothers, fathers, even the president. Through this activity, the students were able to safely explore scenarios and solutions that would help them develop critical thinking.  It was interesting to see the impressive ways with which they played their roles. 

KISARA also opened a class discussion about sexual health with the students – realizing at this age it is important to teach children that their bodies belong to them and that no one has the right to touch them without permission. Through this program, the students learned how to say “no” whenever they feel uncomfortable and to talk to trusted adults if they are ever faced with a situation that makes them feel unsafe.

It was not only students who learned during this program. Begawan Learning Centre’s facilitators also learned more about the students thanks to these activities. A simple “thank you” would never be enough for what KISARA has achieved through this program. (Devi Devanthi)

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