The Bali Starling is the second rarest bird in the world. Even though it is the mascot of the beautiful Island of Bali, it continues to be critically endangered due to illegal hunting and poaching. Begawan Foundation has been working on the conservation of Bali Starlings in Bali for over 20 years, and through all the hard work and the ups and downs, it is amazing to see what sharing space with Bali Starlings looks like.

When you visit the Breeding and Release Centre, you can see a couple of wild Bali Starlings flying around freely. The sound of their singing will be like music to your ears, especially knowing that this species has struggled to live in the wild for many years now.

It is not only seeing them flying around freely and hearing them singing that makes one feel happy. Just seeing them feeling safe enough to come to a house or a pool and play around in the area is a joy to see.

Part of the Begawan Foundation’s community-based conservation program’s long term goal is to create an ecotourism program in Melinggih Kelod. We want tourists from all over the world to be able to come to Bali and see the Island’s mascot flying freely in the wild. Not only that, we want this ecotourism to benefit the local community in Melinggih Kelod, which has been supporting us and collaborating with us to ensure that the Bali Starlings in the wild stay safe.

With the international and local support, we hope that we can continue to share space with the beautiful Bali Starlings. (Astari P Sarosa)

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