Begawan is fully aware that career exploration is an essential part of a child’s development. Living in rural Bali should not limit our students from knowing that there are many options and opportunities out there that may interest them and inspire them in the future. Thus, Begawan Learning Center started a Special Class in which our students can meet with people from various professions. This class, which commenced on November 25, is designed to enrich and broaden the students’ repertoire of options for their future career paths.

Police Take Care of Public Safety

Students learned about traffic signs from police officers in special class
Police Officer explained traffic signs and their meanings

Police officers were our first guests. Begawan collaborated with both police men and women from Gianyar Police Station to administer this session. During this session, our students participated in discussions about the roles and responsibilities of a police officer and how they work within the community. They also learned about traffic signs, safety when crossing the road, and awareness of the dangers that they may meet in the community.

Firefighters Never Give Up

firefighters showed their suit in special class
Firefighters demonstrate their full set of heat-resistant fire jackets to students

The second guests of the special class were firefighters from Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran Gianyar. In this session, which was held on December 16, the firefighters shared their duties and responsibilities with our students. The officers also showed the equipment used when carrying out their duties, one of which was a full set of heat-resistant fire jackets. In addition, they also explained the concept of fire and how to prevent and extinguish it. The motto of the firefighters is “Never Go Home Before the Fire Goes Out”, conveying the message of never giving up to the students.

The Special Class will Invite Other Experts

This special class activity provides new information for students, which is not only information about self-protection, but also future careers. Begawan will continue to invite experts in other fields who are willing to share their jobs with our students. We have also listened to students’ thoughts and their curiosity about a particular career. Through this class it is hoped that students will increasingly recognize career options and be motivated to achieve their goals. (Desy)

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