Education is one of the most important activities in life, and quality education can help change a person’s life for the better.

‘Learning By Doing’ is an educational practice that involves the participation of students (children) so that the learning process can meet their learning needs. Students learn to be honest and trustworthy, critical, creative, have initiative, and grow into responsible individuals, to achieve better lives in the future.

Our enthusiasm for implementing ‘Learning By Doing’ was shared in the webinar which was organized in collaboration with Anuradha Academy, a research training and consulting institute in Bali. Through the webinar, Begawan Foundation’s education team shared the Learning Center’s educational practices. We hope that this webinar provided insights about participatory-based education, one that focuses on children, for all parties such as teachers, volunteers, NGOs, government institutions and anyone who is designing educational programs.

A total of 62 people participated in this webinar. Apart from tertiary students, this activity was also attended by representatives from the Gianyar Education Office and the Bali Provincial Education Office. Participants expressed their satisfaction through the evaluation form. They felt that the webinar was fun, cool, fantastic, not boring, informative, added insight, changed mindsets and inspiring. We also received appreciation from representatives of the Gianyar and Bali Provincial Education Office. Not only was there appreciation through feedback, donations were given through Anuradha Academy to assist the educational programs at the foundation’s Learning Center.

Special thanks to Anuradha Academy team who donated and collaborated with us to organize this webinar. Thank you also to all participants who have donated through Anuradha Academy. Hopefully in the future we can continue the collaboration for educational development in Indonesia. Please contact us or visit our website if you are interested in collaborating with us! (Zeni Natalya)

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