To celebrate World Tourism Day which falls on September 27 every year, Begawan took part in a campaign to promote sustainable tourism in Bali through the Susta Festa Event, held by Mana Earthly Paradise Ubud, with the theme ‘Greening Bali Travel’.

Introduction to Susta Festa

Begawan took this opportunity to convey the importance of its concern for the environment, and was delighted to present programs that focus on maintaining a healthy environment, preserving the local culture, and maintaining harmony between wildlife and the local community.

The programs that Begawan carries out not only make a positive contribution to the surrounding area but aim to implement long-term sustainable tourism following the concept and objectives of Sustainable Tourism. According to the United Nations Environment Program and the UN World Tourism Organization, 2005 in Making Tourism More Sustainable – A Guide for Policy Makers: “Sustainability principles refer to the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development, and a suitable balance must be established between these three dimensions to guarantee its long-term sustainability”.

Begawan Merchandise at Susta Festa Event 2022
Begawan Merchandise at Susta Festa Event 2022

The Experience Programs

The experience programs that Begawan has developed this year feature sustainable tourism and include visits to several places where its programs are implemented. ‘Visit Begawan Breeding and Release Center’ and ‘Bird Walk’ showcase the Bali Starling conservation program which has contributed to the preservation of the Bali Starling population since 1999, along with giving visitors the opportunity to observe birds that have been released into a natural habitat. This visit also prioritizes environmental sustainability and the safety of the Bali Starling in the wild which is the responsibility of Begawan, the local community, and visitors.

‘Visit The Learning Center’ allows visitors to participate in the educational program created for local children in Melinggih Kelod. The initial goal of this program is to prepare the younger generation to take a creative and responsible role in future social and economic challenges. Through this program, visitors are not only welcome to observe the activities but are also encouraged to take part in the variety of classes that are held 6 days a week.

‘Visit the Regenerative Rice Farming, Subak Temple, and Permaculture Garden’ is an experience where visitors learn about the history of the Subak Temple and the part of it plays in Balinese agriculture, as well as participating in ongoing farming activities. The objective of the farming program is to regenerate the land, assist farmers to produce organic rice using a regenarive method, and be a learning model for Begawan students, local communities, and visitors.

Begawan Team at Susta Festa Event 2022
Begawan Team at Susta Festa Event 2022

Attending the Susta Festa 2022 event gave Begawan the opportunity to promote its memorable and informative experiences, so that it can contribute directly to local communities, and support sustainable tourism in Bali. Begawan also had the opportunity to meet with visitors, event guests, member of other non-profit organizations, and home business owners who have similar concerns about the environment and tourism in Bali. Begawan believes in making Bali a sustainable and responsible tourism destination. (Anggi Agustin)

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