Begawan’s first initiative is to conserve the critically endangered Bali Starling. Our conservation program has successfully thrived through active participation from the local community. One of our crucial initiatives is engaging local community breeders, local individuals with experience in breeding birds. With their assistance, Begawan has strengthened its efforts to preserve Bali Starlings by allowing the local community to contribute directly to this program.

Community Breeders: Partners in Preservation

In maintaining a connection between Begawan and the local community, the ‘community breeders’ initiative has played a vital role. We aim to create collective awareness about the protection of this rare species, not only through local customary law called ‘awik-awik’ in our area but also through active participation from the local people who are interested in birds. We balance the locals’ interest in birds with our conservation goal to increase the population of free-flying Bali Starlings in the wild. The breeder is loaned a pair of Bali Starlings to breed, provided with training and the responsibility of feeding and caring for the pair. Our conservation team conducts regular monitoring visits to the breeders. When the pair produces chicks, Begawan looks after them in quarantine enclosures at the breeding site, and prepares them for release back into nature.

Leo and our conservation officers taking care of the newborn chicks

Building Strong Connections Between People and Nature

An inspiring success story comes from Leo, a community breeder who joined Begawan as a village breeder in 2021 and has successfully bred chicks from his fostered pairs. His contribution is tangible evidence that the local community can be an integral part of Begawan’s annual bird release efforts. With commitments like Leo’s, Begawan continues to make a positive impact on Bali Starling conservation and build strong connections between humans and nature. 

Released Bali Starlings spotted on a local compound  roof
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