Debora and Bradley T. Gardner, the creative forces behind the world-renowned Begawan Giri Estate on the Indonesian island of Bali, founded the Begawan Foundation in 1999. Their experience at Begawan Giri Estate inspired them to start programs that would benefit local people, beginning with conserving the natural environment and meeting their educational and healthcare needs. However, those programs have now expanded with the establishment of the Begawan Breeding and Release Centre for the endangered Bali Starling, followed by the Melinggih Kelod Village Learning Centre. Begawan is expanding its efforts to develop the local community, with plans to establish regenerative farming, cultural heritage, a restaurant, and retail. The Gardners sold Begawan Giri Estate in 2004, and they have since devoted their time and energy to bringing the Foundation’s Vision and Mission to fruition. The scope of the Foundation’s work is steadily expanding as a result of their dedicated efforts and financial support, with Begawan now progressing to establish regenerative farming, cultural heritage, restaurant, retail, and community tourism experiences.

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