In this day and age, the use of technology in the classroom is now common. Students use computers to learn to type, do assignments and even take exams. Begawan Learning Centre integrates learning technology beyond typing and assignments. In our specialised computer room, we have four iMacs, and a total of 18 tablets are also available for the students to use. The students who are 11 years old or in the sixth grade of elementary school have access to the computers. They have made use of these in the Commercial Math theme during October and November 2021. Coding has also been introduced by John Tan of Doyobi in Singapore.

The tablets have been useful for research during the theme of Commercial Math, when the Eco Warriors learned about a mobile application called Currency. They learned to use the application to convert foreign currencies into Rupiah. At first, they actually had access to different currencies, such as the notes from Britain, Thailand, China, Arabia, Singapore, and a variety of other countries. They then found out the value of these notes if converted into Rupiah. They also used the tablets to create tables in Microsoft Excel, search for information on the internet, and make presentations to other students.

By integrating technology into this thematic learning, Eco Warriors not only learn about using technology, but also learn to select the programs that will assist them in their research. (Zeni Natalya)

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