As Begawan Foundation works on the conservation of the Bali Starlings, it is no surprise that people are always excited to learn about the Bali Starlings that the Foundation breeds and have released. When the Foundation released Bali Starlings, some would come back to the Breeding and Release Centre, lay their eggs at the nest box and grow their family around our Centre. We’ve captured amazing moments of the wild Bali Starlings and shared them on our Social Media.

In early February, a wild Bali Starling laid four eggs. Even though only two of them hatched, both of the Bali Starling chicks grew healthily until they were able to fly out of the nest box on their own. It was such a joy to see them grow from hatchlings to flying and free Bali Starlings. Through CCTV and our conservation staff’s phone camera, we were able to see the progression of their growth.

We observed them when they hatched, first opened their eyes, as they grew their feathers, and when they first flew out of the nest box. It was an even bigger joy when every step of this progress was shared on social media, and people commented on them and shared the same feeling of joy. Now, with three more eggs laid by the wild Bali Starlings, we all eagerly wait for the next update.

Sharing our work with transparency helps us create a global awareness about the endangered Bali Starlings and why our work matters. It shows that the Foundation’s work matters beyond our local community. People from all over the world can feel the impact of our conservation work through social media. (Astari P Sarosa)

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