Every 21st April, Indonesian people commemorate Kartini Day to celebrate one of the country’s most well-known heroines. This commemoration is a form of respect for the struggle waged by R.A. Kartini to allow women to be educated.

During her time in the 1880s–1900s, education for women was very limited. Kartini was not allowed to continue school after she reached 12 years old. However, she did not give up hope and continued to fight for women to have equal rights with men. It is thanks to her past struggles, that women have received equal rights in the field of education.

Begawan Learning Centre also has the same spirit as Kartini, which is to provide equal rights for males and females, especially in the field of education. This is realised by the participation of girls in the Learning Centre. As many as 70% of our registered Eco-Warriors are female.

Not only are they highly motivated to attend, female Eco-Warriors have also taken the role of leaders on many occasions. In the ‘Animal Tales’ theme class project, the Director of the drama performance was one of our female students. In group work such as making presentations, female Eco-Warriors also took the initiative to become leaders. In the classroom, the students coordinate class activities and the mindfulness bell is also rung by our female students.

During their time as group and class leaders, our female Eco-Warriors have shown that they are responsible, empathetic and have high initiative in carrying out their duties. This shows that Kartini’s spirit lives on in every Eco-Warrior to this day.

We need to say that our male Eco-Warriors also have Kartini’s spirit in them. When sharing their opinion, cooperating in group works, playing, and undertaking various other activities, male Eco-Warriors always provide equal opportunities to the female Eco-Warriors. The emancipation of women is alive and well in our Learning Centre. (Zeni Natalya)

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