In 2018, 20 birds were released by Begawan Foundation at the Breeding and Release Centre in Banjar Begawan, Melinggih Kelod Village. There are many sightings of these released birds from various sources. However, one wild pair, whom we nicknamed Makcik, with their aggressive territorial behaviour, remained on site and forced the other pairs to leave. This pair has produced 11 chicks since early 2021.

Bali Starlings are more productive in the wild. Therefore, since early 2021, the foundation has released three more Bali Starling pairs from local community compounds managed by the community itself. All members of the foundation’s conservation staff monitor the released pairs until they are all settled and nesting. Currently, two of these new pairs are settled and regularly monitored by the local community on a voluntary basis. The third pair did not settle and the male has been returned to be re-paired.

The Foundation will release a flock of free-flying young wild birds in Banjar Bayad, Melinggih Kelod Village, in an area that is not part of the nesting area of the current pairs which are territorially protecting their own areas. The release of young wild birds gives wild chicks, born to wild pairs released by the foundation, a flock to join. The goal is to prevent young birds from scattering and becoming lost.

With three pairs of productive Bali Starlings in the wild, we currently have 14 young wild birds. Six young wild birds are now ready to be released as a flock in Banjar Bayad at the end of this year. We have installed a portable enclosure for pre-release habituation and adaptation for several weeks at the proposed flock release site. (Nitya Swastika)

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