We often use the sense of taste to identify the food or drink we put into our mouths. Our mouths also feel the shape and texture of the food, so when eating we know the texture, shape, and taste of the food. The sense of hearing is used to capture and receive information from the surrounding environment.

Eco Warriors at Begawan Foundation Learning Centre used taste and hearing as ‘color translator tools’, then they painted. They started by tasting a candy and then translated it into a color which they thought could represent the taste of the candy, putting what they imagined onto paper.

The dance of the brushes on the papers and the atmosphere of the class at that time was exciting for all. They continued the activity by listening to a simple song. They closed their eyes to focus on the melody of the song and then translated the sound waves into colors, wiggling their brushes on the drawing paper.

While drawing, they discussed with each other about the taste and their insights. Their discussion was filled with laughter which made them even happier with this experiment. This experiment became a new experience for them and it turned out that with the senses that we usually only use to taste and hear, we can create colors and paintings in a fun way. (Masthika Anandam)

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