Every child is born special and unique, every child is intelligent in his or her own field. Realizing this, Begawan Foundation Learning Centre seeks to develop every Eco Warriors’ potential, not only facilitating students in the academic field, but also in non-academic activities.

In August, two Eco Warriors, Ni Wayan Ayunda (8) and Ni Luh Sri Apriliani (9) who have long shown an interest in singing, participated in a singing competition organised by Kita Cinta Lagu Anak (KILA) and initiated by KITA Indonesia (Komunitas Alumni Tarakanita Indonesia). This program aims to preserve Indonesian children’s songs and foster the spirit of nationalism from an early age.

eco warriors

For two weeks, Ayunda and Luh Sri enthusiastically practiced singing for 1-2 hours almost every day, before going to their other activities at the Learning Center. They also excitedly conceptualized their own video clips. They became models for the video clips, one wearing traditional Papuan dress and the other Balinese dress. Each student performed two children’s songs. “Apuse”, a folk song from Papua was performed by both. Ayunda also performed an Indonesian song entitled “Aku Anak Indonesia” (I Am an Indonesian) and Luh Sri performed “Pasti Bisa” (I Can Do It). We filmed the video clips in the rice fields and forests in nearby areas of Payangan.

There were a total of 369 participants in the elementary school category. Although Ayunda and Luh Sri did not yet win the competition, the experience of singing and being a model in a video clip was a very valuable experience for them. Their courage to take steps towards reaching their goals is commendable. The more often they take part in competitions, the more honed their vocal skills and self-confidence will be. “Apuse” has now been chosen as one of the songs to be sung together during singing meditation activities at the Learning Centre.

Video clips will be uploaded on Begawan Foundation’s social media and YouTube channel. Stay tuned! (Ketut Desy)

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