Technology at this time is increasingly important because as it develops, most people are living side by side with technology. Technological developments have also brought us digital and mobile devices. The internet has also become an integral part of technology. The internet has become a bridge to today’s technology that allows communicating and exchanging information quickly.

In addition to communications, during this pandemic, the internet also has an important role in the world of education. Technology and the internet in the world of education can facilitate access to online learning. Begawan Foundation Learning Centre provides facilities for learning technology in its  computer laboratory to improve the learning abilities of our Eco Warriors.

At Begawan Foundation’s computer laboratory, the students are learning how to use Microsoft Office applications, they learn about the appearance, menus, and functions of icons in Microsoft Word and how to use them. Once understood, a variety of different tasks are given – changing fonts, inserting images in a word document, creating tables.

We are making it easier for the students to recognize and follow technology in the future. (Masthika Anandam)

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