Our Conservation program that is Breeding and Release Centre is located at Banjar Begawan. Here, the Bali Starlings are taken care of by our bird keeping staff. The health of all birds is regularly checked, with vitamins given by our veterinarian, Made Sugiarta.

Here, we have various enclosures. We have socialization enclosures where the birds gather, socialize, and find their partners. Breeding enclosures, kept private by blinds at the front, are dedicated to the breeding pairs. We have quarantine enclosures where birds new to the site are kept for a period of time before being allowed to enter the enclosures. Sick birds are kept in completely separate quarantine enclosures. There are also enclosures for Mitchell’s and Forsten’s Lorikeets and another endangered species, the Bali Black Winged Starling.

Around 5 minutes’ drive from the Breeding and Release Centre, you will find our Learning Centre in Banjar Pengaji. This building, constructed from bamboo, recycled from our office originally in Sibang, is where lessons are carried out daily. This year, we are using a curriculum of 9 themes.

Indonesian Animal Tales teaches about animals endemic to the region. Growing in Bali emphasises native plant conservation in Bali. Cooking Science uses cooking and recipes to introduce food science. Dwellings looks at the materials used in dwellings and the environmental and cultural influences which influence different dwellings. Commercial Math teaches the practical, sociological, and mathematical exploration of money. Bees and Butterflies focuses on environmental science and social studies. Teeth teaches everything about teeth in humans and animals. Natural Symmetry closely observes leaves, seeds, flowers, and marine shells for their symmetrical design. Length & Time are technological lessons which cross reference to mathematics and social studies.

Begawan Foundation, in its theme based lessons, foster creativity, critical thinking, and environmental consciousness for the children of Melinggih Kelod. 

Both our Conservation and Education centre are located in Melinggih Kelod village in Payangan district, north of Ubud. Both our Conservation and Education Centres are open for public visits by appointment only. (Naomi Tribuana Festilani)

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