Working with the community means spending time with them, and Ngurah, our bird keeper, carries out bird monitoring in a casual way, seeking the necessary information.

What does the task of monitoring entail? What do you have to do?

The monitoring entails checking in detail the birds’ health, enclosure maintenance and the conditions of the surrounding environment. I discuss with the breeder their daily routine when taking care of the bird.

What do you check first when you visit a breeder?

First I look at the food, is it fresh and in the correct sized portion? Is it properly served with clean plates and clean water? Then I check the enclosure and look at the behaviour of the birds

What food items do the breeders give to the birds?

Chopped papaya, carrot, banana, long beans, bean sprouts, and ants eggs, mealworms and crickets for protein

How do you know if a pair of Bali Starlings is happy in their new home?

From their physical appearance. Is the bird clean with healthy feathers? What is its behavior like? Is it singing beautifully with no panic calls? Is it active but moving calmly, hopping from branch to branch.

Do you find any problems when you visit a breeder?

Up to now, there is no significant problem because the communication is good and if the breeders are busy, we reschedule the monitoring.

You have regular meetings with the breeder group, what are the topics of discussion?

The main topic of discussion is usually about the birds and the enclosures, why some pairs have not produced offspring yet, why the eggs didn’t hatch, and how to improve the conditions for breeding. We talk about the proper diet, where to buy the protein sources and how much they cost. For the enclosures, we discuss the proper size of a nest box and what are the best nesting materials.

The meeting is a forum for all, the non-experienced breeders can share their problems, and the experienced breeders and I can assist if they have any problems.

Are you enjoying working with this project? Why?

Yes, I enjoy this work because I like to interact with many people. Currently our communication is good and the breeders welcome me. This is also a chance for me to develop my knowledge as some of the breeders’ experiences are new for me. (Fauziana)

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