Begawan Learning Centre, located in the Payangan subdistrict, is an educational establishment that offers a diverse range of learning activities to the local community. With our dedication to providing enriching and complimentary after-school programs, we invite you to step into our world, where education truly thrives, and students flourish. At Begawan, we are committed to meeting the educational needs of our local students by implementing a progressive approach through hands-on learning experiences.

The Potency of Learning by Doing

At the core of our philosophy lies the potency of meaningful experiential learning, or simply Learning by Doing. Students dive into captivating topics such as the theme based activities on bees and butterflies, not just through textbooks but by directly engaging with field experts. They established beehives in our permaculture garden, harvest honey, and witness firsthand the tangible application of their knowledge.

Learning to Cook Healthy Food from Chef Eka, an Experienced Chef from Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape

Secondly, we embrace mixed-aged learning. Begawan understands that education encompasses more than just academic achievement. Through mixed-aged learning, students develop essential social-emotional skills as they interact and collaborate with peers of different ages. Older students serve as mentors and role models, fostering empathy, communication and leadership qualities among their younger peers. The diverse social interactions and relationships formed in mixed-aged groups cultivate a sense of belonging, emotional resilience and a deep understanding of community values.

Making a model of Shinkansen in a mixed-age group

Thirdly, our educational philosophy revolves around environmental responsiveness. Recognising the significance of preserving and safeguarding the natural world, we instil in our students a profound appreciation for the wonders of nature. Through designed programs, we empower them to become responsible custodians of the environment, nurturing a sense of environmental consciousness that will guide them towards a sustainable future. They also experience various forms of nature-based learning to address the issues facing students, nature and the environment.

Students also learn how to harvest the rice from our rice fields

Entrepreneurial Mindset through Programs

Fourthly, we instil an entrepreneurial mindset within each child. We firmly believe that entrepreneurship holds the key to unlocking opportunities and creating sustainable livelihoods. Through a diverse range of our practical entrepreneurial programs, we provide hands-on experiences that enable students to develop small businesses in rural areas. Our students immerse themselves in ventures that not only generate income but also nurture a deep connection with their environment and community. By instilling an entrepreneurial mindset, Begawan paves the way for economic resilience and upward mobility.

Practical Entrepreneurship at Begawan Art Expo

Last but not least, we strive to ignite a lifelong love of learning within our students. Education should be a delightful journey of discovery. To achieve this, we design engaging and fun-filled learning activities that captivate young minds and foster a genuine passion for knowledge. By making learning enjoyable, we cultivate a culture of lifelong learning, where students relish every opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Students excited to observe Bali Starlings up close

The entire learning process at Begawan Learning Centre is designed to align with the five learning principles and the four holistic aspects: introspective, active, emotive and cognitive. These aspects are seamlessly integrated into all learning series, including thematic activities, proficiency classes, practical entrepreneur and extracurricular classes.

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