Begawan’s farming project has completed its fourth cycle of cultivating the Bali Mansur heritage rice in Melinggih Kelod, Bali. These lush grains, ready for harvest, are gathered one field at a time using traditional ani-ani knives and sickles – a practice passed down through generations. This time-honoured approach is more than just tradition; it signifies Begawan’s commitment to preserving Bali’s agricultural heritage and fostering sustainable farming practices.

Mansur Rice 01 - feb 2024
Preserving seeds for the next cycle of Mansur Heritage rice planting

Preserving Seeds

A portion of the harvested grain is carefully stored as local seeds in the Lumbung, a traditional rice silo. This ensures seed sovereignty and eliminates dependence on commercially produced, often genetically modified seeds. This not only reduces production costs but also promotes biodiversity and protects the characteristics of our Mansur rice variety.

Rice Milling Machine - feb 2024
Begawan’s rice milling facility increases our efficiency

Investing in Efficiency and Quality

While Begawan prioritises traditional methods, the project also recognizes the value of modern tools. Over the past year, investments in rice threshing, drying, sorting machines, and a milling and storage unit have been made. This not only increases efficiency but also enhances the quality of the final product before it reaches our supporters.

From One Farmer to a Growing Community

Since its inception in January 2022, the project has blossomed. Starting with just one farmer, Pak Leo, working on 0.42 Are of land, the upcoming 5th rice cycle in March 2024 will involve 9 farmers and cover nearly 2.5 hectares! This growth is fueled by shared values and the enthusiastic support of our community in Bali.

Mansur Farmer 01 - feb 2024
Harvesting is not just about obtaining results, but enjoying the results with the people who share the same vision

Beyond Sustainable Rice, a Regenerative Revolution

Begawan’s vision extends far beyond simply providing delicious, heritage rice. The project is dedicated to:

  • Eliminating chemical inputs and synthetic fertilisers: Restoring the soil, environment, and surrounding biodiversity.
  • Reducing water and methane emissions: Mitigating climate change through responsible rice cultivation practices.
  • Increasing farmer revenue: Ensuring fair compensation and a secure livelihood for local farmers.

Collaboration is Key

As a grassroots organisation, Begawan values collaboration above all else. By providing a guaranteed market for their produce, Begawan offers farmers security and stability. This, in turn, allows them to focus on preserving traditional methods and cultivating the highest quality rice possible.

Mansur Rice 02 - feb 2024
Rice ready to be delivered!

Quality Over Quantity

Begawan is not driven by mass production. It prioritises quality, tradition, and sustainability. By supporting Begawan, you become part of a movement that is restoring Bali’s agricultural heritage, empowering local communities, and protecting the environment for generations to come.

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