Begawan’s program for the conservation of the Bali Starling includes ensuring the sustainability of the Bali Starling in its natural habitat.

“The release of the Bali Starling involves many considerations, from engaging the community to ensuring the bird’s survival,” said Ali Imron, Begawan’s Ornithologist.

Considerations when selecting the Release Area

Before engaging in activities such as constructing a habituation enclosure, Begawan carefully observes the release area, considering several key factors:

Community Engagement: Begawan involves the community of Melinggih Kelod Village in this program, aiming to build a sense of responsibility and ownership among the local community towards the Bali Starling, the mascot of their island.

Community based conservation 02 - feb 2024
Local community is engaged in promoting ‘awig-awig’ to raise awareness about the poaching of Bali Starlings

Habitat Suitability: Begawan selectively chooses release locations in residential areas that have ideal characteristics for the survival of the Bali Starling. Begawan’s conservation team researches the area to ensure that the habitat meets their food needs and their ability to adapt.

Long-term Survival: Begawan selects release areas that are close to each other. This allows the offspring of released Bali Starlings opportunities to meet, breed, and build a stable population in the area.

Positive Impact on Bali Starlings and the Community

Begawan’s Bali Starling release program is expected to have a positive impact on the conservation of this species and the local community.

Increase in Bali Starling Population: This program is expected to increase the population of Bali Starlings in their natural habitat and assist to prevent their extinction.

Community based conservation 03 - feb 2024
The population increases through a breeding program, birds that can be seen in the wild able to grow through a release program

Community Awareness: Community involvement in this program raises awareness among the public about the importance of preserving Bali Starlings in their habitat.

Initiating awareness about the critically endangered Bali Starling must commence early

Bali Starling Ambassador Program: In addition to releases, we also invite schools willing to participate in promoting the Bali Starling through their students who participate in study tours.

Begawan is committed to continuously involving the local community in efforts to conserve the Bali Starling. Let us together support the conservation efforts for the Bali Starling!

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