The Bali Starling Ambassador Program aims to impart valuable knowledge to local students in Payangan about the critically endangered Bali Starling and its pivotal role within Bali’s biodiversity. Serving as a platform, the initiative enables students to understand the unique characteristics of the Bali Starling, delve into its habitat intricacies, and explore its conservation status.

Through active engagement, students not only learn about the species but also gain tools to be fervent conservation advocates, nurturing a sense of responsibility and ownership for the preservation of the Bali Starling and its environment. By fostering a deeper connection with nature, the program empowers students to actively contribute to ongoing efforts, preserving Bali’s rich biodiversity and maintaining the necessary equilibrium for a harmonious environment

SDN 1 Melinggih students eagerly learn about the critically endangered Bali Starling

Partnerships for Conservation: Begawan and Local Schools in Action

In collaboration with local schools in Payangan, Begawan has forged partnerships with numerous enthusiastic students and dedicated teachers who possess communication skills and a steadfast commitment to the cause of conservation. This collaboration aims to leverage the expertise and passion of these individuals, creating a dynamic network of informed advocates who can effectively communicate the importance of preserving the Bali Starling and its habitat. Through these educational endeavours, Begawan envisions not only raising awareness but also nurturing a community of environmentally conscious individuals actively participating in the conservation of Bali’s natural heritage.

Our conservation officer showed students the Bali Starlings in their enclosures

Hands-On Learning: A Journey into Bali Starling Conservation at SDN 1 Melinggih

During this month, a dynamic group of 15 eager young students from SDN 1 Melinggih embarked on a fascinating exploration at the Breeding Centre. Their adventure unfolded as they immersed themselves in a comprehensive learning experience, absorbing everything there is to know about Bali Starlings. The educational journey took them on a captivating ride, ranging from understanding the distinct characteristics of Bali Starlings and appreciating the cultural significance attached to this avian species to gaining insight into its endangered status. Their exploration wasn’t confined to theory alone; they also delved into practical aspects. The students acquired hands-on knowledge of the ingredients used in the food for Bali Starlings and honed the skills necessary for properly feeding these unique birds.

Students are feeding Bali Starlings

Exploring the Release Site: Discovering the Ecosystem Supporting Bali Starlings

Expanding their horizons, their educational journey continued to Begawan’s release site. Here, amidst the natural environment, they made intriguing discoveries about the diverse plant species that play a pivotal role in supporting this unique ecosystem. These plants, they learned, are instrumental in sustaining the lives of Bali Starlings, contributing significantly to the ongoing efforts aimed at protecting local biodiversity. Students also spot Bali Starlings at the release site within the farm area.

Students also spot Bali Starlings at the release site within the farm area

Bali Starling Ambassadors Leading the Way in Conservation Education

Our Bali Starling Ambassadors take the lead in organising a variety of activities at schools to champion conservation efforts. Under the guidance of a teacher, some common examples of these activities involve creative endeavours aimed at encouraging others to join the movement. This may include crafting campaign posters for display in strategic areas around the school, creating Bali Starling statues inspired by the traditional ogoh-ogoh used in Balinese culture, and organising competitions for drawing, writing poetry, mini-drama and other creative works with a Bali Starling theme.

These students are now recognised as Bali Starling Ambassadors and have received badges from our education officer

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