We are excited to announce that construction is underway for Begawan Foundation’s new Learning and Conservation Centre, located behind our Payangan office.

Construction on the Centre began in early May this year and is expected to be completed by the end of June. Within a span of three weeks, the foundations, bamboo walls, windows, and base of the roof have been installed.

As an extension to our community student club, Klub Lingkungan, the space will accommodate growing interest from children around the area who want to learn more about the Bali Starling, conservation, and the environment. From five attendees back in November 2017, we now have around 200 students registered for Klub Lingkungan.

Klub Lingkungan, opened in July 2017, provides after-school activities for students around Melinggih Kelod. The club has its own library with books donated from sponsors. Book clubs, presentations on interesting world events and places, gardening activities, English lessons, as well as various other education activities involving the themes of conservation, health and the environment, are held from Monday to Thursday. One example of our focus on waste management is our “Waste for English” program, where children contribute recyclable plastic waste before the class commences.

The new Learning and Conservation Centre will provide a large airy space for additional activities for our Klub Lingkungan students. It will also have a wet art and craft area and is strategically placed adjacent to our permaculture garden, a place for students to learn basic principles and enjoy gardening.

The Learning and Conservation Centre will play an integral part in the Foundation’s education and conservation programs, where children and adults are invited to learn more about the Bali Starling and other endangered birds.

Our newly built Breeding and Release Centre was completed in just two months. Construction began in early March 2018 and by the end of April, all the breeding enclosures had been erected, the paths, grass and trees in place, and all the birds settled into their new homes, just in time for our Opening Ceremony. Many thanks to our contractors Pak Budi, Pak Yudi, and their team for their hard work building both Centers. We appreciate their efforts, especially when construction coincides with the Ramadan fasting period. (Seruni Putri)

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