Every month, Eco Warriors learn a new theme. Throughout August and September 2021, they learned about ‘Dwellings’. Using the four pillars, with introspective, active, emotive and cognitive activities, students travelled to various parts of the world to identify different places to live.

At the beginning, they adventurously imagined where they would live in the future. They explored the design of houses in Bali, traditional houses throughout Indonesia, dwellings of the Inuit, Japanese, Korean, and Thai tribes. Their virtual visits to various regions gave them inspiration.

This inspiration became the source of their imagination in their introspective activities. They imagined they were architects who designed the village where they live today, and turned their ideas into dioramas.

Not only did they design the village, but they also designed traditional houses which in the future could be used as cultural sites, and a public community centre to meet their needs. They designed a new building for the Begawan Foundation Learning Centre, clearly imagining how the Learning Centre where they are currently will develop in the future.

It was not enough to realize their ideas through dioramas, they turned their ideas and creativity into redesigning the Learning Centre. They painted murals in bathrooms and buildings in the courtyards of the Learning Centre, enthusiastically created name signs  for plants using four languages – Balinese, Indonesian, English and Latin. An updated interior design for the Learning Centre was the goal.

To complete all the designs, some children came 30 minutes or an hour before the class started and were reluctant to go home even though the lesson was over. The Learning Centre has become their second home. They are free to play, learn, express ideas, and find happiness realizing their goals.

During this theme they have applied mathematics, geography, social science, language, culture, and history. Even more amazing, they have designed and decorated their second home. If you are curious about the work of Eco Warriors, you can come directly to the events they will be holding at Begawan Foundation Learning Centre.

Enjoy the warmth of our second home . (Zeni Natalya)

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