Begawan Foundation Learning Centre focuses on the principle of Learning by Doing, with activities that assist the Eco Warriors to gain new skills and build their knowledge. Field Trips are one of the activities that apply this  principle. The students learn outside the classroom, visit places and objects to study or investigate.

On July 22, 2021, the Eco Warriors, the name for students at Begawan Foundation Learning Centre, had the opportunity to enjoy a field trip to the rice fields in Banjar Bayad, about 1.3 kilometres from the centre. A total of 35 students participated in this activity, divided into four groups to ensure we implemented social distance health protocols.

The weather was very sunny, as if the universe supported the Eco Warriors during their activities. Sitting together on the edge of the fields, enjoying the atmosphere, the Eco Warrior visualized the activities that made up the rice cycle. They shared the results of their imagination and knowledge in groups, then were given direct experience in cultivating paddy fields. Accompanied by an experienced farmer, they were taught to fertilize the rice fields in the traditional way. They were also taught how to use simple farming tools, hoe the soil, make waterways, cut the remaining rice stalks harvested with a sickle, and smooth the edges of the field.

Activities in the fields are good for training children’s physical and emotional development. They  fell while walking in the muddy rice fields, but got back up. Some of them also had to come to terms with their fear of earthworms. They also learned to maintain balance when stepping on the narrow and slippery path, work together, and help each other. They often laughed when playing in the mud with their friends. At break time, they sang together and discussed rice and agriculture with the farmer. This field trip closed with Bali Starling bird watching.

If we don’t take care of nature, we will rarely see the narrow paths through the green rice fields, flocks of ducks looking for food, fertile land, clear water flowing in the river, the sound of chirping birds, and prosperous farmers. Through this field trip, we want Eco Warriors to realise a love for nature and the importance of eco-friendly agriculture. (Ketut Desy)

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