On 15 June 2022, Begawan’s students went on a field trip to a Balinese cattle farm. This visit was part of the Teeth theme, and was based on a lesson which focused on the growth of cattle teeth, the relationship between the shape of their teeth, the food they eat, and their habitat. The location for the field trip was not far from the students’ village, in the rice fields of Melinggih Kelod in Payangan.

After arriving at the farm, students were in the midst of refreshing rice fields and green grass fields, a good opportunity for students to activate all their senses and reconnect with nature. Students engaged in activities such as observing and acknowledging five things they saw around them, four things they touched, three things they heard, two things they smelled, and one thing they could taste. After those activities, the students discussed cattle teeth, and were surprised by the interesting fact that the age of cattle can be estimated using dentition.

Field Trip - Eco Warriors have a discussion with Facilitators around the rice fields
Eco Warriors have a discussion with Facilitators around the rice fields

They all observed the Balinese cattles around the rice fields,  interviewed the cattle farmer and enthusiastically listened to his answers to their questions. The students also fed the cattle to see firsthand how they eat and use their teeth. Those activities fulfilled  all the students’ curiosity about Balinese cattle. 

The next day, the students watched a video about cattle eating trash at garbage dumps contaminated with germs and dangerous heavy metals. Those cattles have a high risk of being infected by dangerous viruses and bacteria. The students compared the habitat they had seen during their field trip with what they saw in the video and felt bad for the cattle living in the garbage dump. Students were again committed to preserving the environment for the good of all living beings. (Ketut Desy)

Field Trip - Facilitators and Eco Warriors' in one frame
Facilitators and Eco Warriors’ in one frame

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