After a few weeks of discussing soil, Begawan’s students commenced the discussion about agriculture. They started the discussion by reflecting on the question, “Where does food come from?”

Where Food Comes From

Some students said they usually get food from the kitchen; others said their mother buys it at the traditional market or harvests vegetables and fruit from their own gardens. The facilitators guided them to explore further and understand where our food originates from. The students realized that the major sources of food on earth are plants and animals. Milk, meat, eggs, pork, beef, and fish are a few items that are obtained from animals. Rice, wheat, vegetables and fruit are obtained from plant sources.

Eco Warriors mix the ingredients
Eco Warriors mix the ingredients

Living beings need food as a source of energy, to grow, and to maintain health. The ingredients in our food mostly come from agriculture, the practice of cultivating plants and livestock.

The Making of Vegan Butter

On September 19, our students processed some agricultural products to make plant-based food. They made vegan butter from refined coconut oil, soy milk, apple vinegar, olive oil, and sea salt. In small groups, they follow the recipe, carefully measuring the ingredients precisely so that the butter would taste good. They blended the ingredients until smooth, poured the mixture into a butter dish and refrigerated it until it set.

After a week in the refrigerator, they checked the result, observed the texture, and tasted it, spreading their own home-made vegan butter on bread and then baking it. Delicious! (Ketut Desy)

Facilitator guided Eco Warriors to make Vegan Butter
Facilitator guided Eco Warriors to make Vegan Butter

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