Begawan Foundation Learning Centre conducted orientation with Eco-Warriors throughout May. The orientation provided basic skills, such as meditation for mindfulness, learning to give presentations, and how to develop communication with the other students. One of the tasks was to write up a collective agreement to be used as a reference for acceptable behavior while at the Learning Centre.

Orientation activities, which began on May 2nd, coincided with National Education Day. We saw this as a good time to get to know the Eco-Warriors better. The education staff invited Eco-Warriors to let them  know what education means for each of them. The results of their reflection are amazing.

Those who are 7 to 13 years old were able to express the meaning of education for themselves. Some liken education to a star because it illuminates the darkness within. Some expressed the idea that education is like a map that shows directions to reach their goals. Four Eco-Warriors from two different groups revealed that education is like the endless sky and space. “For me, education is like a pen because a pen can write on paper. Likewise with education, which allows me to write many things in life,” said Agus Eka (Eco-Warrior).

Recognizing the meaning of education for themselves can help them understand the importance of education, and they are also able to realize the importance of lifelong learning for themselves. Our Eco-Warriors understand that their learning experiences will assist them to achieve their goals.

Thank you to all those Eco-Warriors who have committed to the process together at Begawan Foundation Learning Centre. Together, we grow and develop education for ourselves and society through ‘Learning by Doing’. (Zeni Natalya)

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