Bali, the Island of the Gods, is known for its stunning natural beauty, unique culture and exquisite art. When we think about Bali, one common aspect that is always at the forefront is its art. From stone carving, painting, and traditional dances to modern audio-visual art, Bali is a hub for creative expression. Begawan has incorporated art into its learning programs, including dance in extracurricular programs, digital design in advanced computer class, and painting and handicrafts in the thematic class. We are now proudly offering a filmmaking class to expand our students’ artistic horizons. This course is just for our teenage group who have completed basic and advanced computer classes.

Discover Filmmaking as an Artform

Films are a great way to tell stories and express ourselves, and with advancing technology, anyone can easily create films. Filmmaking involves many aspects, including planning, shooting, editing and production. This course aims to provide students with the basics of filmmaking and the skills necessary to produce films worthy of watching and distributing.

One of the teenage students is recording the activities of the Eco Warriors.

Learn the Basics of Filmmaking and Explore Career Opportunities in the Film Industry

This course covers films in general and digital films in particular, including the theory and history of filmmaking, composition, capturing good moments and techniques for using SLR cameras. Students also hear from our experienced videographer, Ihsan, who will share his experiences in the industry and answer questions about interesting experiences and the technical aspects involved in capturing events on video. By enrolling in our course, students can explore the many exciting career opportunities in the film industry, from videography to screenwriting, directing, and producing, and develop skills that can help them succeed.

Facilitator helping teenager students to understand the basic features of the SLR Camera.

Create Your Own Film on Cultural Heritage and Nature

In the final project of this course, students are encouraged to create films about the  environment, nature, or cultural heritage activities that they have experienced in the village of Melinggih Kelod. We hope that this project will inspire students to be more aware of their surroundings and the importance of preserving nature and cultural heritage. (Adrian)

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