At home, at school, at Begawan Learning Centre, and anywhere else, students can have accidents that result in minor or serious injuries. While playing, a student may accidentally fall and be injured. Under certain conditions, students may experience dizziness and fainting. Some students may panic and wonder what to do when they see someone else having an accident or becoming sick. Therefore, it is very important to equip the students with first aid skills to assist if they see an accident and to develop preparedness.

On 16 December, 2022, Begawan Learning Centre in collaboration with PMI (Red Cross) Gianyar Regency held first aid accident training at the Learning Centre. Twenty-three students participated in the training, accompanied by eleven PMI volunteers.

PMI gave an explanation about what first aid is and its purpose. Every student  was given the the opportunity to practice first aid techniques directly. The material given by PMI was adjusted to the ages of the students. For the younger children, materials were given for hand hygiene, they were told what first aid to administer for fainting patients, and given instructions on how to apply dressings for blisters and bleeding wounds. For the older students, PMI provided additional more complex materials, such as first aid to handle fractures and how to transport injured patients.

The students were very enthusiastic to practice what they had been taught. In pairs, they took turns dressing each other’s ‘wounds’ and PMI volunteers provided in-depth guidance to each partner. On this occasion, PMI also provided bath soap and hand sanitiser. Thank you PMI Gianyar and Begawan students who actively participated in this exercise. (Ketut Desy)

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