At Begawan Breeding and Release Centre, we have Bali Starlings, Black Winged Starlings, Mitchell’s Lorikeets, and Forsten’s Lorikeets. They are all very active birds and it is important to give them as much space, privacy, and natural vegetation features as possible. The birds will be more motivated to behave naturally in an enclosure that suits the needs of their species. Providing natural habitat components will maximize their overall well-being and reproductive success.

We implement protocols for an enclosure location. It should be sited away from kitchen fumes, garages, and roads, as the fumes are toxic. Birds are very susceptible to smoke and toxins in the air. The enclosures should also be placed in a secure location that is inaccessible to outsiders and away from highways. The location chosen must provide privacy and tranquillity for the birds so that their breeding behaviour is not disturbed.

We also provide separate bathing and drinking water, as well as bird food served in stainless steel food bowls. Nest boxes are placed in captive enclosures for all birds and in socialisation enclosures for Bali Starlings where our bird keeper can observe possible pairing. Perches are made of natural materials and large enough in diameter so that when the bird perches, its claws reach around the perimeter of the perch. This will give them a good grip.

It is important to provide horizontal perches, and bridging perches adjacent to the nest boxes. Live plants should also be provided in the aviary. Cleaning is undertaken every day in the captive enclosures, and weekly in the socialisation enclosure. Dried leaves, faeces that have not been absorbed into the sand, and food residue is removed. Checking the enclosure construction material should also be undertaken every day. If there is rust or damage, our bird keeper will immediately make repairs. (Nitya Swastika)

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