As we informed you in our newsletter two months ago, Begawan will release a flock of free-flying young wild birds in Banjar Bayad, Melinggih Kelod Village, in an area that is not part of the nesting area of the current pairs which are territorially protecting their own areas. The release of young wild birds will give wild chicks, born to wild pairs released by the foundation, a flock to join. The goal is to prevent young fledged birds from scattering and becoming lost.

We have collected wild-born chicks from three productive wild pairs that the foundation previously released. These young birds are under the supervision of our professional veterinarian and are fed with food that they will most likely find once released. Six young wild-born birds are ready to be released as a flock in Banjar Bayad.

Guided by our veterinarian, several staff and local residents installed an enclosure for pre-release habituation and adaptation for several weeks at the proposed flock release site in Banjar Bayad. We ensure that this enclosure, although temporary, is constructed of the same materials that we use in the Breeding Centre  in order to be strong and minimise threats from outside predators. The enclosure adequately accommodates six birds and also has enough feeding and drinking bowls and perches.

To ensure all the birds are safe and in good condition, our bird keeper visits the site every day to check on them, feed them, and clean inside the enclosure. We all await the day when the six birds can fly freely and form this first flock of Bali Starlings in Melinggih Kelod Village. (Nitya Swastika)

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