That afternoon was not so hot. Accompanied by the graceful dance of frangipani flowers, I stepped into Begawan Foundation Learning Centre, in Melinggih Kelod Village, Payangan.

My eyes were mesmerised by the behavior of the students. No sound or screams. Before entering the class, they undertook walking meditation and then they entered the class calmly.

Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful way to change the world.

This is also what is on the minds of Bradley Gardner and Debbie Gardner. Their efforts help provide a learning experience, develop students’ life skills, environmental responsiveness, entrepreneurial mindset, and love of learning. It all can be beneficial for the students’ lives, their families, and their environment in the future.

With the motto Learning by Doing, Begawan Foundation Learning Centre teaches 4 important pillars to children, namely Introspective, Active, Emotive, and Cognitive.

Introspective means self-awareness, self-reflection. Active means actively moving and learning, while Emotive is related to emotion. Cognitive is the process of thinking, including the acquisition, retention, retrieval, and use of knowledge. The aim is to encourage students to express their own ideas and opinions and to take an active role in dealing with local environmental issues.

On June 5, Eco Warriors – the name of Begawan Foundation Learning Centre students – attended an interior design workshop with Melati Danes Interior at Amandari Hotel & Resort.

They toured the library and exhibition hall while getting an explanation about interior design on how to combine culture such as Balinese cloth for a room. Then they were invited to design with the equipment that has been provided.

And as a result, the students enthusiastically followed. “I have an idea how to make a design!” shouted one of the children with a big smile.

Let’s help them achieve their dreams! (Endah Fidiyawati)

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