In early July 2021, the government announced the enforcement of restrictions on community activities. This situation made the staff of Begawan Foundation think on how to continue to provide quality education for Eco Warriors, and an idea was born to use the online space to bring together professionals from various regions with Eco Warriors. That way, the enforcement of restrictions on community activities would not be a limitation for Eco Warriors, but an opportunity to connect with various teachers without being limited by place.

After a process of approximately one month, finally on July 30, 2021, a special class for mentee/mentors was held for the first time via Zoom. This class aims to facilitate Eco Warriors’ curiosity about the professions they aspire to and encourage and motivate them to achieve their goals and dreams.

This class begins with mapping the aspired professions of all Eco Warriors. That way, the staff can contact professionals to become mentors for them. At the first meeting, the mentor and mentee got to know each other for approximately one hour. They will meet once a month on the fourth Friday of the month to discuss anything related to their aspired professions.

This class is prioritized for teenagers (junior high school), but Eco Warriors under 11 years old can also take this class to get an idea of what professions are out there and possible. This can be part of their building a map of their dreams and goals. The hope is that by having a mentor, they can overcome all challenges to realize their dreams.

We are very grateful to dr. I Wayan Adi Pranata, S.Ked, Putu Netty Ekayani, I Gusti Putu Yudha Sanjaya, S.Sn, Ni Luh Eka Purni Astiti, S.KM, I Kadek Yogi Mahendra, and Apt. Wayan Shelia Deviana, S.Farm who are willing to spend time and energy to share, guide, and motivate the students. May our students be able to fight for their dreams and overcome their limitations! (Zeni Natalya)

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