Bali has a long-established agricultural history, with a web of stunning rice terraces as part of its historical significance. Besides providing a livelihood for many Balinese, rice farming is also strongly linked to Bali’s social, cultural, and religious way of life. In February 2022, Begawan established a regenerative farming program collaborating with local farmers in Bayad, Melinggih Kelod, Gianyar, Bali.

Collaboration with Local Farmers

This collaboration is conducted with the goals of assisting local farmers in the shift to regenerative agriculture practices, educating communities & the younger generation about the importance of agriculture and how it can serve them better, and producing the best quality rice products with higher values and benefits. 

Begawan’s farming project cultivates Mansur rice, one of the Balinese heritage rice varieties that is still preserved, after many of them have become extinct. Besides preserving a part of Balinese heritage, we are also committed to making every farming process organic, from planting to harvesting. Our goal is to move from conventional hybrid rice farming to a regenerative agriculture process that only uses natural fertilisers and pest controls.

Begawan Farmer harvest rice from the field
Begawan Farmer harvest rice from the field

The First Harvest of Mansur Rice

After 5 months, on 3 July 2022, it was harvest time. The rice has grown higher than the conventional rice and the seedheads have turned to golden brown. The farmers spent the next two days separating 1,74 tons of rice grains from the heads of rice with the threshing machine. After the process, the grains were oven dried to reduce their moisture content and meet the recommended levels for safe and long-term storage. Now, the grains are ready for milling. 

From the seed to table, Begawan ensures that the rice from the Mansur seeds that we have cultivated through non-chemical methods can benefit the local communities and the consumers. This initiative aims to contribute to the movement of maintaining and preserving healthy sustainable food production as well as assisting with the welfare of local farmers and their families. (Anna Gultom)

Begawan farmer is tying the rice harvest
Begawan farmer is tying the rice harvest

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