Bali, celebrated for its cultural richness, extends its ceremonial focus beyond human-divine connections to include animals. The Tumpek Kandang ceremony, occurring every six months, emphasises the Tri Hita Karana concept, particularly Palemahan, promoting harmony between humans, plants and animals.

Pelinggih, a shrine to place ‘banten’ (a sacred offering).

Sang Hyang Siwa Pasupati: Protector of Animals

This ceremony, beyond a mere ritual, pays homage to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, portrayed as Sang Hyang Siwa Pasupati or Sang Hyang Rare Angon, the protector of all animals. Special ceremonies, notably for the Bali Starling (Bali mynas) and Begawan Poultry, are conducted with a specific focus on ensuring their well-being.

Cenigan is placed in front of the enclosure as part of the ritual process

Preserving Equilibrium: Bali’s Dedication to Biodiversity

The Bali Starling, emblematic of biodiversity conservation, takes centre stage during these rituals, emphasising Bali’s dedication to preserving the delicate equilibrium between nature and culture.  In addition, Begawan Poultry, integral to daily agricultural activities, is honoured, seeking metaphysical facilitation for their role in sustaining farming practices.

Tumpek Kandang is not only a ceremony for the animal  enclosures but also for the places where they engage in activities

From Ritual to Reality: Tumpek Kandang’s Impact on Human Prosperity

The concrete aspiration of Tumpek Kandang is to ensure the safety and happiness of all animals, recognizing their vital contributions to human prosperity. Tumpek Kandang symbolises gratitude for the intricate interdependence between humans and the animal kingdom, acknowledging the roles of animals, including the Bali Starling and Begawan Poultry, in daily life, work, and as a source of cultural, environmental and agricultural significance.

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