The formative years of childhood can be a confusing and uncertain time. As parents and educators, it’s crucial to provide opportunities for young students to learn more about themselves and their communities, to help them develop a sense of identity and purpose. That’s where KISARA (Kita Sayang Remaja) comes in.

Discovering Self-Identity: A Special Session with KISARA

In collaboration with Begawan Learning Centre, KISARA has been providing learning sessions on sexual and reproductive health & rights for the Eco-Warriors since 2021. These sessions aim to help young students navigate the challenges and transitions of adolescence.

Students learning  about the changes in teenagers’ bodies
Students learning  about the changes in teenagers’ bodies

Recently, on 28 April, KISARA joined us for a special session focused on discovering self-identity. The students were delighted to explore the relationship between themselves, their families, and their same-age peers.

Interactive Learning Session to Develop Key Characters

The interactive learning session was a hit with the Eco-Warriors. They were introduced to the physical, psychological and social changes that come with teenage years, and the crucial characteristics they need to become more empowered in the future. These include communication, self-confidence and time management. They also learned about the idea of gender equality, peer educators, peer leaders, and the relationship patterns among teenagers, including those with same-age peers or with sexual partners. These valuable insights and materials will aid them in navigating the challenges and transitions of adolescence.

Interactive QnA session
Interactive QnA session

Self-Reflection Exercise: A Highlight of the Activity

The highlight of the activity was the self-reflection exercise. Each Eco-Warrior drew their right and left hands on paper, jotting down five characteristics of a person they admire on the left hand and their own traits on the right hand. Next, the students compared their traits with those of their idols, trying to find similarities. This exercise allowed the students to reflect on their own identities and connect with positive role models.

Students writing the characteristics of their idols

Empowering Young Minds for Personal Growth and Development

Collaborating with KISARA has been a rewarding experience, and we are excited about more partnerships in the future. By providing opportunities for young students to learn more about themselves and their communities, we can empower them to become confident, compassionate and engaged members of society. As we continue to support young minds in their personal growth and development, we hope to see them become leaders who inspire and positively impact their communities. (Irham)

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